My struggle with Secondary Infertility

Getting pregnant with Kira was extremely easy. To be honest, she wasn’t planned at all. My best friend from college was moving to New Orleans and so we went out on the town for a night of fun. Next thing you know  here comes Kira.  No checking which days I’m  ovulating, no checking my temperature. Just Gods plan.


Fast forward 6 years, I have a handsome  new hubby that I can’t sleep without, Kira is 5and in 2 months I will become what doctors call a “high risk” for pregnancy. YIKES!


After months of trying to conceive and LOTS of negative pregnancy tests, ( we are hoping for a boy!) I did some research on what could be going on. Ok,  A LOT OF RESEARCH as to what could be going on. Endometriosis? Problems after a C-section? Adhesions?

During my research, I kept hearing the term  “secondary infertility“. If you are like me  and have no clue what this is, secondary infertility is the inability to become pregnant or carry a pregnancy to term after you already have had a baby.

This stopped me in my tracks. What do you mean you could have a problem getting pregnant after you have already conceived a child?? I’ve never heard of this before. Everyone I knew who had fertility problems, had issues getting pregnant the first time. And for me, getting pregnant was obviously easy. My brain then goes to holy crap I’m gonna need IVF. I am old now and so are my eggs.

What if I can’t get pregnant again? Am I really only going to have one child? Am I really only going to be able to experience pregnancy and child birth with someone I can not stand?

As I continue to google and read more and more, I found that 60% of women who struggle to conceive stems from secondary infertility. More than 3 million people in the US alone are affected by secondary infertility.


At this moment I started realizing I wasn’t alone.

Enter Clear Passage Physical Therapy! I called one of my college friends and confided in her as to what I was going through. She shouted, OMG I have the perfect solution for you! This is truly going to be a God send for you.

Before I know it I’m on the phone with Larry Wurn, an extremely knowledgeable and kind renowned expert in infertility. For nearly 30 years, people from around the world have traveled to one of his facilities to seek his all-natural, holistic, hands-on and non-surgical treatment for infertility. He has treated some of the most famous women in Hollywood.  He has a 71% success rate within one year of receiving treatment, also known as the “Wurn Technique.” SOLD!!!

Tomorrow, I start treatment in one of six of the facilities in Gainesville, Fl. (GO GATORS!) They also  have offices in Indianapolis, D.C., Denver, Miami and Orange County.

I am excited to share a very personal and private side to my struggle with getting pregnant because I know I am not alone and I know we all need support in times like these. I’m hoping by sharing my experience in these times of struggle, it will help comfort others and educate them on their options with infertility. Kira needs a sibling and so do I!

Check my Facebook and Instagram for updates over the next two days. Here’s a little info on what will happen during treatment and how it feels, HERE!




  1. Heather @ Housewife Heather says

    Akemi, I’m wishing you lots of luck & sending prayers! I went through secondary infertility… I ended up getting pregnant with Sophie after 3 IUI treatments with no luck & on the 2nd IVF I got pregnant! It can be a long road!

  2. Moore Babies says

    Good Luck Akemi! I am sure that by sharing the private side of your struggle you will help others going through the same difficulty!

  3. Run DMT says

    I have known several women who struggled with secondary infertility. I’m so glad you found a way to make this happen to build a bigger family. Sending my positive prayers your way! xox

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